A Photography Project for 2015

Happy New Year. Sorry about the silence on the blog there for awhile. I have lots of excuses…but let’s just go ahead and start fresh in 2015. Deal?

2014 was a big year for our family. We welcomed sweet Caleb Ryan into our family in June and for the first several months, I did my very best to just take it in.  To savor each small moment; rocking him to sleep, singing to him on the changing table, enduring his screaming in the carseat, and mostly observing two brothers falling in love.  At almost 5, Liam was more ready for Caleb than I was. It was as if the two had met long long ago and arranged to rendez-vous again someday. They were smitten with each other from day one. Truthfully, I took very few pictures of these early weeks.  Although much of those first weeks feels like a dream…like I can’t exactly pinpoint what we did or where we went…I hold a feeling in my heart, crystal clear, of my happiness.  I don’t need a photograph to remind me of how my heart split open and made room for more love than I could have ever imagined.

On Christmas Day, Caleb celebrated his 6 month birthday and suddenly I feel that familiar longing to record. Partly, for fear that the trivial moments will be lost as time marches on. And partly as an outlet for my need to create.

Do you feel that ebb and flow of creativity, too?

And so, when I stumbled upon the 52 Project, I decided to set an intention and join another community of photographers (professional and amateur) who are doing the same. The photography project involves shooting one portrait every week for 52 weeks.  I went back and forth about whether this was a good idea. It feels like a lot and I’m scared that I will drop the ball and then feel disappointed in myself.  But, this year, my big goal is to stretch my creative boundaries and the only way to do that is to create.  To create, create, create and keep creating even when I think I have run out of ideas.  To keep creating when my inner critic starts to bark, and when I really just want to quit.  Will you join me?

{Week One: Caleb waiting in the car while I shoot a few landscapes of snowy trees. I love that you can see my camera in the reflection.}


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