Photography Challenge: The 52 Project

For 2015,  I  resolved to take one portrait a week for 52 weeks. (Thanks to this blog for the idea.) It was one of those things I committed to in January when I felt overly optimistic about what new challenges I could accomplish this year.  I wanted to stretch my photography and also take more notice of my creative process.  One portrait a week seemed like a good place to start.  (To read about the first 5 weeks, you can check out my photography blog.)  When I began, I had enough ideas to carry me through…well just about 5 weeks.  Now, I’m out of ideas and starting to feel resistance. It’s not easy to learn something new or even to work towards improving something you already do well.  It takes discipline (which I admittedly have very little of).  Or in the absence of discipline it take friends.  Our vision for Photo Camp was always that it would be a place to connect a community of photographers who want to learn from each other and dig deeper into their own creative practice. It dawned on me that by sharing my stumblings here on the Photo Camp blog, I might find a way through my own resistance and in the process help others do the same.  It’s not too late to make your own commitment.  Will you join me? Feel free to tailor the photography challenge to fit your goals.  Be sure to leave a comment with your commitment so we can support you in making it happen!  And if you prefer to be a passive participant, feel free to post questions (technical or other) and I’ll do my best to tell you how I got the shot.




Settings: ISO 640/ F-stop 2.5 / Shutter Speed 1/100 / 50mm

Light: South facing window light in the late morning

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