Make a commitment to your photography



It’s been a rough week over here. The stomach flu has got us down. And still I managed to take my weekly portrait…a testament to the power of a project. It keeps you on track even when life seems to be running off the rails.  I would highly recommend it! To read more about my 52 Project, check out this post.  My original idea for the this week was to photograph Caleb screaming at me from his crib since we seem to be doing a lot of that lately, but every time I walked in and looked at him through my lens, he laughed!  Then I grabbed this one of him looking at the trees through the skylight in our bedroom.  Tree is his first sign…he waves his little arm in the air when he sees one.  I love the sheets in the foreground and the light on his face.

f/2.8/ISO 1600/50mm

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