Let the kids run wild


As I write, my son Liam and his best pal are streaking naked around the yard spraying the hose and hollering like wild animals.  This is summer at our house.  I live for these wide open days with nothing on the calendar and endless hours of bare feet in the grass. We eat watermelon until our cheeks are stained pink and come inside only to sleep at the end of a long and fulfilling day of exploring.  Like most parents, my favorite family photos are the ones captured during these fleeting months of summer.  There are so many great opportunities for storytelling in the unscheduled everyday moments (not to mention the camping trips or family reunions on the lake). So, I encourage you to take out your cameras (a smart phone will do) and let the kids run wild. Here is my list of most photogenic summer activities: sprinkler play, garden tending, nature collecting, stick and rock painting, late evening neighborhood walks, river wading, campfire building, backyard camping, popsicle eating, shady picnics, berry picking.

If you are looking for some inspiration to elevate your summer snapshots, check out these wonderful blogs:

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Happy Summer!

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