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I’ve never been that good at capturing shots of daily life around my house.  My camera seems to always be in the studio, my house is typically a mess, and I fear the shot will  feel like a snapshot and so I may as well just let it go.  My husband takes a ton of iPhone pictures and so fortunately there is documentation in some form. And of course, I take my share of portraits of the boys. But lately, I have been making much more effort to use photojournalism to tell the sweet story of my boys becoming friends. They are a smitten with each other, these two. Caleb is a magnet for all things belonging to Liam and often crawls around the house in search of his big brother.  Liam surprises me over and over again with his patience and the way he is tickled by Caleb’s attention. He often invites his little brother to join his play and talks to him in this special voice that makes my heart ache.

The two images above utilize the south facing window light in Liam’s bedroom.  They were shot on a 50mm lens at f/2.0.

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