Close Up Portraits


This guy is pulling on my heart strings this week.  As winter turned to spring, we started to talk about his last weeks at Blue Sky, where he has been in preschool for 3 years. Suddenly, I felt the sadness of his impending transition to kindergarten and began day dreaming about home-schooling.  Not because I feel strongly about educating my own children, but because I am simply not ready to let him go. I feel really happy that I am committed to taking a portrait a week at this particularly special time in his childhood. Right on the brink of elementary school.  So much change to come and I am just grasping at the last traces of his 5 year old innocence.  I noticed these freckles on his nose the other day.  They weren’t there a few weeks ago.  So this week, just his beautiful eyelashes and his freckles. And now I’m going to go shed a few more tears.

Shot in full sun with the sun at his back. 50mm. f/2.5. ISO 100. {Technical note: On the 50mm lens, I tend to crop close ups in PS rather than in camera since it’s not a macro lens and I want to make sure I’ve nailed the focus on his eyelashes.)


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